Month: July 2016

E-Lofts Launches In DC With Eye On National Growth, Public Exit

July 25, 2016

A provider of flexible work and living space is entering the Washington DC market with hopes to take its business model nationwide and ultimately cash out via a public exit strategy. The company is called e-lofts and it is owned by Novus Residences, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cafritz Interests.

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e-lofts® Introduces Flexible Lofts for Life, Work or Both

e-lofts introduces flexible lofts for life, work or both; redefining traditional commercial and residential real estate by establishing a new paradigm of loft-style spaces that can all be used, at all times, as either an apartment, office or live/work space at the user’s choice.

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Washington developer bets $250 million that you’ll want to live and work in America’s empty office buildings

July 23, 2016

With his latest venture, Washington developer Conrad Cafritz is simply offering units for rent. He doesn’t care what you do in them. Looking for an apartment? Great, turn the large open area into your living and dining space and the smaller room into your bedroom. Need a small office but want to rent just for […]

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Cafritz Interest-owned e-lofts Opening Next Month in Alexandria

July 22, 2016

When Rob Seldin opens his first e-lofts location next month in Alexandria (above), he hopes it will spark a change in the way people think about commercial real estate assets. E-lofts, owned by Conrad Cafritz’s Cafritz Interests subsidiary Novus Residences, plans to buy vacant office buildings in the DC Metro area and rent out individual […]

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DC firm putting new spin on working from home

D.C.-based real estate developer Cafritz Interests is betting on demand from tenants who want the ultimate commute to work: None at all. Novus Residences LLC, a Cafritz subsidiary, is marketing a new real estate business called e-lofts at a single, initial property in Alexandria, Virginia. The property will offer rental lofts spaces ranging from 650- […]

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