Staff Spotlight: General Manager Melat Molina on Creating Community

16-elofts-melatIn the property management business for eight years and counting, e-lofts General Manager Melat Molina is a beloved part of the communities she manages, inspiring such praise as “I can’t explain to you how warm and wonderful she truly is,” “Melat is a marvelous community manager,” and “the most wonderful, friendly and professional staff I’ve ever seen.” We’re proud to have her as part of the e-lofts team and asked a few questions about her plans for our unique community.

What most excites you about e-lofts?

What excites me the most is to see our vision of ”liberating the human spirit“ become a reality.

What do you think makes the e-lofts community most different from other apartment communities or office building environments?

What sets the e-lofts community apart is the flexibility members will have to use our beautiful loft spaces as they choose: to live, work or both.

What’s your secret to good service?

Great service is “genuine” personalized service that exceeds expectations and creates lasting memories.

What do you think sets the e-lofts onsite team apart?

The dedication and commitment that my team brings to go above and beyond in providing top notch service, tailored to each and every member of the community.

e-lofts just started leasing. What are your goals as a property manager right now, and how do you think they’ll be different six months from now?

My immediate goals are to lease our wonderful loft spaces and to welcome our new members to the e-lofts family. Six months from now, the goal is to be at  least 96% occupied while giving unwavering and unmatched service to our members. I would also  like to see our non-resident membership flourish and see our property become the ideal community for creative and innovative ideas and networking.

Off hours, where can we find you?

I love the harbor area in nearby Old Town because it offers a great selection of waterfront restaurants like Chart House and Blackwall Hitch!

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