Take a Peek: How We’re Redefining Flexible Office Space

The traditional office setup has gone out the traditional office window. Cubicles are no longer commonplace, and companies are expected to provide their team members with a superior work environment. The next generation of employees expects to be comfortable in their workspace and have access to a variety of perks and amenities. For startups, studios and small businesses, this can be difficult as the costs of operating and growing a business add up.

But at e-lofts we’re changing the game to better match your changing needs, offering all the perks without the risk: We offer 12 month leases, no business credit and no personal guarantees—all with access to our residential amenities such as a professional-grade fitness center, community social kitchen and even a ping-pong garden. We’re making it easy to grow your brand and attract the best talent, so what are you waiting for? Here’s a look at our new lofts for office (or home office!) – now open in Alexandria.



When you work at e-lofts, your business has plenty of room to expand: We offer 12 month lease terms and four different floor plan series so your space can grow with your business.



Our dedicated office suites—comfortable up to 10 people—allow your staff to get down to business in peace when writing that big proposal.



Our built-in community of collaborators is available in the Co-working Club Lounge, just an elevator ride away.



With conference facilities, media presentation rooms and a community social kitchen, e-lofts offers flexibility no matter what the workday has in store.