Staff Spotlight: Leasing Specialist Jodi Peacock on Living Life on Your Terms

Our leasing specialists are often the first interaction residents have with e-lofts, which is why we’re proud to have Jodi, a four-year leasing veteran, on the team helping people find the perfect loft for living life on their terms. Whether you need space to entertain friends, run a home business or maybe even both, Jodi’s adept at matching you with the perfect layout for your needs and budget.

What most excites you about e-lofts? 

There is nothing else like e-lofts on the market. People are living much more fluid lives now—they want the freedom and space to work from home and the amenities to entertain in style without having to live downtown in the city. Because our lofts can be used as an apartment, an office space or even a home office, I’m able to help people live the life they’ve always envisioned…and that’s incredibly rewarding.

What do you think makes the e-lofts community most different from other apartment communities or office building environments?  

Besides the fact that we offer the best amenities of both worlds, it’s our staff. We work together like a family and all our residents and tenants become part of the family, too. This isn’t just a place where people live or work, it’s a true community where we know your name and your dog’s name. We love coming to work each and every day, and it’s our mission to create that same feeling for the people who call e-lofts home or office.

Obviously, the fact that you can choose to use your apartment for whatever you want is also a huge differentiator from other buildings that are used strictly for apartments or strictly for offices.

What do you think sets the e-lofts onsite team apart? 

We truly care about the needs of our residents. It starts in the leasing process and trying to find the best space for your needs, and extends as people become a part of the community.

E-lofts just started leasing. What are your goals right now, and how do you think they’ll be different six months from now? 

First and foremost, I want to help people understand all the amazing ways they can use our lofts. We have a great co-working lounge that makes e-lofts is an amazing place to work from home, for example. Pocket doors in the lofts allow you to divide up the space in unique ways if you need a home office, or just a different way to configure your home. Fiber to the loft means we support data at the capacity any office space would….but here you can enjoy that at home. There are so many possibilities and I love the idea of bringing that to life for people!

What’s your favorite restaurant or neighborhood destination in Alexandria? 

I love exploring Del Ray – so many boutique and unique restaurants and shops. They’re all a little bit different in their own way…sort of like e-lofts.

How do you e-loft?  

I’m re-thinking the traditional idea of “apartments” so I can help other people do the same and live life more on their terms.