DISH OF THE MONTH: Local Eatery Kao Sarn

In Thailand, street food is a way of life. It is sold everywhere, from open markets to boat canals, and can be eaten on the go. Vendors often specialize in one dish that has been passed down through generations. The best part? All the rich, flavorful and delicious dishes are freshly cooked on the spot. At this point we’re sure you’re wondering how you can get your hands on some Thai street food. Don’t worry you don’t have to fly to Bangkok! Instead head to Kao Sarn, a local eatery specializing in Thai street food right here in Alexandria, VA.

Growing up in Bangkok, Chef Arin Lapakulchai wanted to share her love of Thai street food with her community. After moving to the Washington DC area, she opened Kao Sarn to the public, and it has quickly become a favorite for many, including many of our e-lofts residents and staff!

Located in the Eden Center of Falls Church, Kao Sarn is just a short drive away, but we promise you’ll instantly feel like you’re in Thailand the second you try the food. Chef Arin prides herself on using the best ingredients and crafting each dish with genuine care. Her love of cooking and Thai street food can be seen with every plate she serves.

One of our favorite parts of Kao Sarn is the meaning behind the name. First Kao Sarn means rice or grain, a staple base in many Thai dishes. Kao Sarn is also the name of a street in Bangkok where many vendors sell their food. Kao Sarn really is a cozy place to grab a quick bite or spend a relaxed sit-down meal. It’s the perfect way to experience delicious Thai street food, without having to travel to Kao Sarn Street.

Kao Sarn’s menu features traditional and authentic Thai street food dishes. From classic dishes like Pad Thai Stir Fried Noodles to more exotic options like Boat Noodle Soup, every item on the menu can be found on the streets of Bangkok. Chef Arin’s favorites from the menu also include the Kha Na Mu Krob, a stir fried vegetable dish with crispy pork belly and rice, or the Som Tum Green Papaya Salad, a deliciously refreshing meal. She also recommends the Drunken Noodles, which you can watch her cook right here. Our mouths are watering just watching! No matter what you try we are sure you will be planning your next visit before the meal is over.


We are so excited about our dish of the month from Kao Sarn! In the first photo above is the Kao Soi Curry Noodle Soup. This is a dish from Northern Thailand with flat egg noodles and slow-cooked chicken in a red curry coconut soup. It is served with mustard green pickles, shallots, lime and dried chili oil. Chef Arin describes this as creamy, exotic and flavorful. We can’t wait for you to try it!

Now we’re really craving Thai street food! If you try Kao Sarn be sure to tell us your thoughts! Visit them at Unit 12, 6795 Wilson Blvd., Falls Church, VA 22044. Also check them out on Facebook for more photos and videos of all their delicious menu items.