Resident Spotlight: Meet Dominic Mounsey of Camerabots Media

Dominic Mounsey is the Owner and Director of Camerabots Media  and 216 Studios by Camerabots. We caught up with him to chat about Camerabots, his experience as an entrepreneurial business owner in Alexandria, and what he loves most about e-lofts! Check out his Q&A below and make sure to check out his studio in Loft 207 right here at e-lofts!

Why did you choose e-lofts for your Camerabots studio?

We chose e-lofts for several reasons. First because of the business oriented structure that it offered. Specifically how they work with businesses to help them market within the building to clients. Second, the prime location in Alexandria, VA was important to us as well. Last but not least,  the lofts offered the ideal floor plans and styles we needed for our company.

What’s your favorite thing about e-lofts?

My favorite thing about e-lofts is the business/resident feel which is completely different from the vibe we would’ve found had we set up in a purely residential building. The helpful staff is also always a plus.

What’s something unique about e-lofts most people don’t know?

E-lofts is very unique community compared to other residential buildings because they offer their residents work spaces and conference rooms that are on par with some of the best we’ve seen! They’re not just some table with pens. I love showing our clients these unique spaces.

Do you use your loft as live, work, or live/work? Why?

We use e-lofts as our Business location. E-lofts offered the best solution for an office space. They separated themselves from all the rest by their superb amenities and the business friendly perks that we get from having our Studio here at e-lofts.

What services does Camerabots Media provide its customers?

Camerabots Media is a creative photography and video production studio that offers its clients the latest in visual creative equipment. So whether you are a photographer looking for a place to create, or a client that wants to film a project, we can provide both types of services both in studio and on location.

What makes your company unique from other videography companies?

Camerabots is unique because we are not just a studio.  We also offer a team of filmmakers, videographers, and photographers who can shoot on location. We set ourselves apart by offering our clients the best and latest advancements in video aerial and photographic equipment. Our team of experts know exactly how to execute our client’s vision to get the exact look and feel they’re going for on their projects.

What inspires you most about visual storytelling?

Pictures and Video sometimes can tell a story better than simple words can’t. At Camerabots we are expressing ourselves through visual creation. That’s why it is so important to have imagination and creativity! We take our job very seriously because video production is more than just holding a camera, every time you press record you are telling someone’s story.

What’s been one of your favorite projects you’ve worked on?

We have worked on some very interesting projects since we opened in 2014. I would say my favorite was probably getting to do chase scenes on speed boats for a short film project. I actually fell in the water during filming, but the shot turned out great!

What advice would you give to potential business owners looking to make e-lofts their home?

I would definitely recommend (and have) anyone looking to find a home for their company (small or large) to check out e-lofts! The convenience, helpful staff, and business-friendly environment is something that most just can’t match.

What do you love most about the D.C Metropolitan area, what made you base your business here?

We wanted to set up closer to Washington D.C to offer a more convenient space for our clients! D.C offers a little of everything, and is fantastic for a company looking to grow its business.

What would you love most for potential customers to know about your business?

We are part of the community. So wave when you see us! Once a year we donate our services and photo equipment to local kids who want to learn about visual arts  We also love to film for charity events like those at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.   

What’s your favorite restaurant to go to in Alexandria?

We love to EAT! Right now our go to is Duck Donuts in Alexandria. Nothing like a good Donut to start the day!

Photo from Duck Donuts Facebook

Why did you choose e-lofts over WeWork?

We chose e-lofts because, while we wanted an office location that suited our needs, the room and flexibility that e-lofts offered was definitely more appealing for the type of work we do. We also get full access to the many conference rooms and lounges for meetings or work flow.

In your opinion, how does e-lofts compare to WeWork?

For us, e-lofts provided everything we needed to run our operation effectively. e-lofts not only provides access to modern amenity lounges and conference rooms, but also allowed us to create our loft which is a converted Photography/Videography Studio. So for “us” having this studio conversion (not just a workspace) made our decision easy.

We love learning more about the unique companies that call e-lofts home and Dominic’s Camerabot Media is no exception. We can’t wait to see what exciting projects he’ll continue to work on in his specifically tailored loft space! Make sure to check out Loft 207 right here at e-lofts for all your videography and photography needs. Big thanks to Dominic Mounsey, owner and director of Camerabots Media for chatting with us! Now, brb time to go chow down on some Duck Donuts! What’s your fav? Tell us about it in the comments.