Tired of Coworking Space? Join the e-lofts Revolution!

When you think of coworking, you probably think of WeWork. But just because you know the name doesn’t mean it’s right for you. At e-lofts, we have designed spectacular individual lofts  that cater to the successful small business or start up firm that needs its own private and customizable space in the Alexandria, VA area. e-lofts offers three times the space at two-thirds the price, in addition to having not just the WeWork amenities but many, many more amenities that maximize both your workstyle and your lifestyle. Here, you have the complete power to create a space that works for you, while beating WeWork on price, amenities, and size. See direct comparisons between e-lofts and WeWork Crystal City below!

1) Size Matters

For two-thirds of the WeWork cost for 325 square feet, e-lofts gives the small business owner 1,005 square feet. For the same price as that 325 square foot WeWork space, e-lofts can give 1,150 square feet. At WeWork, that 325 square feet is a standard, non-private box with 4 desks.  At e-lofts you have an open floor plan where the business owner decides what he or she needs to operate her business. And each e-loft unit has its own private kitchen, 1 or 2 private bathrooms with shower, washer/dryer, workroom that can house a copier and server, private office space and a common work room. Most importantly, the e-lofts unit allows room for your business to grow. Business owners can take our blank canvas and totally transform the space to fit the needs and specifications of their business.

2) Price

The math is simple: e-lofts offers 3 times the space for the same cost or less.

And the cost to switch is easy! The security deposit at e-lofts is only $250 compared to the WeWork deposits that range from $2,550 to $4,200. Bottom line? Residents get more space for less money at e-lofts, which means they can focus more on their business and less on their rent check.

3) Amenities

e-lofts in Alexandria, VA offers all the amenities that WeWork has at a lower cost—parking, meeting spaces and conference rooms.  But e-lofts offers so much more, enabling a seamless transition from life to work and back to life and maximizing your most scarce resource—time.  Ride your bike to work?  Sure! Park your bike in a secure facility. Bring your dog to work? Absolutely! And give Fido a bath in the pet salon. Want to take a sports break? Come down to the first floor and check out the game on one of the big screen TV’s. Want to work out? The fitness center is just downstairs and you can wash your clothes in the washer and dryer that’s in your unit. Do you have a swanky event after work? Then take a shower and change in your private and luxurious bathroom. Do you feel like having a team meeting outside? Then go out to the 30,000 square foot outdoor space that has free WiFi. Want to meet potential collaborators and customers?  Come to one of the weekly events that the e-lofts staff hosts. e-lofts offers both community and in-unit amenities that WeWork simply does not have, all for a price that is so much less.

Numbers speak louder than words, and the numbers show there is no comparison between WeWork and e-lofts. e-lofts is a new kind of community that invites businesses to create a customized space that works specifically for them. Our shared office spaces invite innovation and creativity to flourish. We believe in flexibility, in seamless design, and in giving you the ultimate control of how you live and work. We can’t wait to show you the possibilities- schedule your tour today, or stop by e-lofts to visit the numerous businesses already calling it home!