5 Ways e-lofts Outshines “Typical” Apartments

e-lofts isn’t your “typical” apartment building–in fact, it used to be an office building! Now e-lofts offers beautiful, spacious apartments unlike any others in the DC area, thanks to some of the original building’s design elements. Features that already existed in the office building, like wall-to-wall windows and 10 foot ceilings, are what now make e-lofts apartments standout as unique living spaces. At e-lofts we pride ourselves on being able to provide our residents everything they need to live in comfort and style, with customizable apartments and the best amenities for both living and working. Here are the top 5 ways that e-lofts outshines a “typical” apartment building:

1. We have bigger units than your average apartment building

e-lofts is a converted office building, meaning that these spaces were originally constructed to fit the needs of businesses. Because of this, our apartments at e-lofts are significantly larger than your average apartment. We offer a variety of floor plans including studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom apartments that enable an unprecedented amount of space for apartment living. Our units range from 447 square feet to 1,150 square feet in size, so no matter what your personal needs are, we have a space for you!

2. Open floor plans

Because e-lofts was previously used as offices, our building features tons of open space. Each of our apartments has an open floor plan, which means unprecedented flexibility in your apartment space. Each apartment flows seamlessly from room to room, making the space adaptable and easy to use. All of our apartments feature pocket doors, enabling residents to modify the space based on their daily needs. The openness of e-lofts apartments is perfect for entertaining friends, working from home, or simply relaxing!

3. 10 foot ceilings and wall to wall windows

How can you make a spacious apartment feel even bigger? With high ceilings and wall-to-wall windows! Each unit has 10 foot high ceilings and enormous amounts of natural light. Our high ceilings make your apartment feel comfortable and larger than life, while their modern-industrial style gives the space a sleek and stylish feel. Each of our apartments features 20 to 60 foot long wall-to-wall windows, giving our residents the best views and the maximum amount of natural light possible!

4. Our incredible amenities

The list of amenities available to e-lofts residents is nearly endless. From indoor work spaces to and outdoor lounging area, e-lofts really has it all. Our building also features a state-of-the-art gym with professional equipment, so residents can exercise from the comfort of their own apartment building! On the first floor you’ll also find a co-working Club Lounge which is equipped with comfortable booths, chairs, and couches that allow residents to relax or work outside of their apartment. In addition to all of this, our building features a 30,000 square foot outdoor space, a community kitchen, and even a pet spa!

5. E-lofts is a creative community

An apartment building should be more than just apartments. Here at e-lofts, we have created tons of open, community spaces which allow our residents to interact with each other while working and relaxing outside of their apartments. Want to have a meal with your neighbors? Try out our community kitchen or outdoor BBQ space! Want to watch a movie with other e-lofts residents? We have private viewing rooms with large flat-screen TVs for you to do just that. The vast community spaces provided by e-lofts are truly groundbreaking, making living at e-lofts a community experience that’s a step above the rest.

With beautiful, customizable apartments, an incredible variety of amenities, and a built-in community of friends, creatives, and entrepreneurs, e-lofts is redefining apartment living and taking it to the next level.