When can I sign a lease?

You can apply for a lease right now! Visit our floor plans.

How does the lease process work?

The lease for those who want to rent a space to live will be the same as any apartment residential lease. The lease for those who want to rent a space to work is the same. In contrast to a traditional office lease, the e-lofts work lease is only 12-months (with normal cancellation provisions). No TI’s, business credit or personal guarantees required. Credit and background checks are similar to apartment leases.

When will e-lofts be available for move-in?

Move in today!

Will e-lofts have other locations?

Yes! We’re launching first in Alexandria and will be opening additional locations soon in other markets. Stay tuned!

How big are the lofts?

Lofts range in size from 447 square feet to 1,150 square feet.

Are certain lofts designated for residential use? Are certain lofts designated for commercial use?

No. All lofts can be used for live, work or both. You choose the space and how you want to use it.

Are there other buildings like this on the market?

No — there is no other place like e-lofts on the market today.

What are “flexible” lofts?

They’re just that. Lofts that are specifically designed to be beautiful, comfortable and livable homes, offices or both, with unmatched on-site and neighborhood amenities that enhance living and working.

I live here: What will I find at e-lofts that I won’t find in other apartments or living spaces?

Think big: Expect taller ceilings, larger-than-normal living space, expansive window walls, and oversized walk-in closets and showers. Learn more here.

I work here: Do I have to sign a long-term lease?

No! e-lofts is low-commitment and requires only a one-year commercial lease.

I work here: Do I need to provide personal guarantees?


The e-lofts amenities sound great. Are there ways to experience them without signing a lease?

Yes. Join our premier Co-working Club and enjoy access to all of our building and community amenities. You’ll get to experience all the benefits of membership – including networking with other members – without signing a lease.

If I have a pet, can I bring it to work?

Yes, we love pets! We have outdoor pet stations and an indoor pet salon where you can keep your furry friend nice and clean. Inquire about size and breed restrictions.

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